How to find a GOOD internship?

<p>I just got rejected from the summer program i applied to. :(</p>

<p>Any ideas how to find a good internship...i am interested in business/finance/ economics.</p>

<p>For those of you that have done them in the past, how did you find/obtain your internship?</p>

<p>good question.. i was wondering the same thing....</p>

<p>in my skool, we have a TAG program that trains the students and does all the net working stuff so that students can work in safe and wanted environments...</p>

<p>but since my next year's schedule won't allow me for that program, i plan to ask the teachers and send letters to companies and other corporations for internship positions...</p>

<p>... your skool should have an internship program likewise.... ask your counselor or a TAG teacher about this..</p>

<p>bump :) .....</p>

<p>If you can't find an official internship, find a volunteer situation...there are some great places where you can learn about fundraising, organizing, planning...the red cross, a shelter, the zoo, </p>

<p>Try city hall, your local elected officials, your state officials usually have local offices that need help. Its not just respecionist work either. You can learn a lot.</p>

<p>I interned at the local zoo, though that doesn't have much to do with econmics.</p>

<p>I applied everywhere that was looking for interns and I got one.</p>