How to Find Cheaper College Textbooks

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How</a> to Find Cheaper College Textbooks - Bucks Blog -</p>

<p>Yes, my campus has teamed up with the Rent-a-Text team. I personally have had a great experience with Chegg. I'm going to compare their prices and check which is cheaper. I love paying half the price of textbooks and being able to return them. No huge piles of textbooks at the end of the semester!</p>

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<p>That's a great article, my dad sent it to me a few days ago too.
I find is really helpful with buying used textbooks.</p>

<p>Also, a better way to make back some money is to sell your textbooks directly to other students, instead of back to campus bookstores. At the end of the semester, post ads for your books on the bulletin boards near your classrooms so students taking the same course the next semester will see them.
Sell it to them for $10 less than what the bookstore sold it to you for, and although you wont be making a profit exactly, you'll still be getting more cash than what the bookstore would have given you for it!</p>

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