How to find vocal sheet music in a specific (and not the usual) key?

<p>I am a non-musical mom. S needs the piano accompaniment (sp?) for "Bring Him Home" in A Major. It is commonly published in F Major.</p>

<p>He is preparing for a vocal competition on September 19th (2 classical pieces and 1 Broadway) and is very busy preparing for that ... as well as school work... and piano lessons... and dance... so I said I would try looking for it. His voice teacher plays it on an electronic keyboard that can be "told" to play 4 half-steps higher than what she plays. But for the competition he needs to have it in the correct key for a real piano.</p>

<p>I have searched about a dozen threads on CC and used many of their links. Most of the sites do not have the key listed for each song. The two that did had it in F Major.</p>

<p>Are there computer ways to change the song? But how would we get it into the computer? </p>


<p>I was just over in the Musical Theater forum and there is someone offering their services for just this thing, you might want to check it out.</p>

<p>Did you check to see if the score is available digitally (one vendor would be Depending on the licensing agreements, you can often transpose the score before printing.</p>

<p>I'll ditto They offer different keys before you print out the music.</p>

<p>Thanks! I think I did it with that website. No one else is home to look at it. I remembered he said 4 steps up so after I downloaded the website's software and figured out which little symbol meant "transpose," I chose UP 4 Steps. Then it gave me a new piece with 3 sharps. I had to google the sharps but I think I have the correct key. </p>

<p>I went ahead and purchased and printed out the general Les Mis version as well as the "Colm Wilkinson" version. They had different numbers on the website but look identical to my untrained eye. It was $9.90 total.</p>

<p>I will let S look at them and report back to you. :)</p>

<p>A Major is in fact 3 sharps, so hopefully you got what he needed. Here's to Moms everywhere going out of our comfort zone for our kids!!</p>

<p>It is the right one and I received a high 5! woo hoo!</p>

<p>Good for you! Yay moms!</p>