How to get a 5 on the AP Chemisry Exam!!!!!!

<p>hey guys what do u think i need to do to get a five on the Ap chemm test likw what would help me out alot and if i did it would give me a really good chance of getting that 5.</p>

<p>Is class review and Princeton Review enough or should i use Peterson's and Barrons to become well preped!!!!</p>

<p>calling all people who got a 5 on the exam i really have to get that 5 so please help me with as much you know and what you guys did....</p>

<p>bump bump anyone there please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Look at the old free response questions and see how you can study to the level that you'll get the questions right.</p>

<p>anyone else</p>

In my opinion, the best way to a 5 on the AP chem exam is PR and doing practice free response questions. You should get those from your teacher and do just about all of them from 1990-2005. They will help you immensely. Additionally, just read your textbook, and then use PR for review. ¬°Buena suerte!</p>

<p>do all the old multiple choices that the CB releases and aim for 50 and above right- 46 and above raw score (stoichiometry is big on the multiple choice)
get very good at acid/base equilibrium problems (Ka, Kb), as they will more often than not be #1 on the free response
get the old reactions (question #4 on free response) which collegeboard has released (they release every year). make sure you are getting at least a 10 or 11 on this question
theory questions are not as important, you can get a 5 by doing all these things and still getting only a 3 or 4 of 8 on the theory part</p>

<p>by the way i got a 5 on both my final and the AP exam</p>

<p>You don't need a ten or eleven on that damn question #4....last year the average 5 scorer got less than a 9 on that question.</p>

<p>you might as well get 10 or 11, question 4 is very easy</p>

<p>on my final (mock AP exam) i got a 15 on it</p>

<p>hey can u guys give me the link for the tests form 1990-2005 becasue all CB has is 2000-2005 and they don't give multiple choice questions</p>

<p>CB released 1994 and 1999 Multiple Choice, when the exam gets closer ask your teacher for them</p>

<p>can u find it online</p>

<p>my teacher doesn't have the exams and i would really appreciate if someone could give it to me please</p>

<p>Quick advice for the toipc creator -- watch your exclamation marks. It looks like this topic was going to tell you how to get a 5, instead of asking how to.</p>

<p>Although I haven't taken the AP Chem test, I've found that the best way to review for me is to take practice tests--only the multiple choice part. (my favorite are REA tests-- purely becuase of the explanations) After finishing, I read over ALL the answers-- even ones I got right. College Board is incerdibly lazy and puts almost the exact same questions on each test-- especially the same concepts. Therefore, having a strong base for the MC questions will raise your AP grade alot. </p>

<p>Then again, I'm always really good with essays and don't ever really worry about doing well on them-- but you may be differant.</p>

<p>I got a 5 last May, and I recall the MC section being very easy. If you want a particular section to know to boost your score, I recommend the quantum mechanics. Obviously the actual underlying physics and mathematics of quantum mechanics is well beyond the AP Chem curriculum, so the kinds of questions they ask you are purely qualitative. If you understand trends in the periodic table and their root causes, as well as how to draw Lewis dot structures, it's pretty much impossible for them to throw a very difficult question at you because there are essentially no calculations. Also, the first free response question is traditionally an equillibrium system, so I would recommend feeling very comfortable with those as well. Overall, it's a pretty reasonable test if you pay attention in the course all year, and like all the AP exams you don't really need to do that well in terms of your percentage score to earn a 4 or 5.</p>