How To Get Accepted Into Western Michigan University

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By Adriane Davis, a current student at Western Michigan University</p>

<p>So you want to be a Bronco? Great choice! Western Michigan University is a top ranked university. WMU has made its way on to the U.S. News’ list of top universities for the 22nd time this year. WMU is ranked a one of the four top-tier universities in Michigan. WMU offers over 240 degree programs, 30 at the doctoral level, and is classified as a university with high research activity. Here are some tips on how to get accepted into Western Michigan University.</p>

<p>Apply as early as you can. The earlier you apply, the better chance you have of qualifying for scholarships offered by the university. Applicants who apply for scholarships before the deadline receive priority consideration, which gives you a better chance to receive an award.
Go to an on-site admission if at all possible. On-site admissions are a great way for a school to put a face to a name. This process also allows for an immediate decision.
Take some college prep or advanced placement classes. WMU looks for students who take classes that prepare you for college and give you a challenge. It is important to take college prep and AP courses because it gives you an idea of what college will be like. Also, you can receive college credit for some AP classes, which will put you a step ahead of other incoming freshmen.
Avoid senioritis! Keeping your academic record in good standing through your senior year is very important for admission into WMU. WMU verifies and reviews a full academic transcript before freshmen register for fall classes. If your academic record is not up to par, you risk being put on academic probation or worse; the university can revoke your admission.
Make sure your ACT score is at least a 22. High ACT scores are an important factor in being admitted into WMU. A score of 22 is the bare minimum so take the ACT as many times as you need to. Most of the time, the first score you get does not adequately reflect your abilities so do no not settle for the bare minimum. Many schools appreciate a student who won’t give up and settle for the bare minimum.</p>

<p>With these simple tips, you’re sure to be a bronco before you know it! </p>

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