How To Get Around MIT

<p>How</a> To Get Around MIT</p>

<p>I thought I might give the board a heads-up about a useful resource that I didn't find out about until sophomore year :P HTGAMIT is a guide produced (and yearly edited) by students so that freshman can have a handy-dandy resource while navigating the firehose-y waters of MIT. It basically... tells you about everything (or as much as can be told), from MIT computing to interesting things in Boston to hacking to traditional stuff to dorm life to emergency resources/information. And...</p>

<p>It's free.</p>

<p>That is, it's free to incoming students. If upperclassmen want a copy, they have to fork over something like $15. I believe HTGAMIT will set up in the first floor of the Student Center sometime over orientation. Show them your ID, they'll check off your name, and give you a book!</p>

<p>(And for the record, other than being on a mailing list, I'm not affiliated or at all involved with HTGAMIT. So I'm not shamelessly plugging one of my own groups at you. As much as I want to. <em>twitch</em> Also, this should not be confused with GAMIT, which is a queer group on campus that I am a part of ^.^)</p>

<p>Departments also give HTGAMIT to many new employees. It's basically required reading.</p>

<p>If you would like to continue to receive free copies of the HTGAMIT, you should join the group and write for it. Then you get a free copy to show off your hard work. :)</p>