How to get free stuff at UCD?

<p>What are all the ways one can get free stuff at UCD (ie. shirts, school gear of all sorts, food, all that junk, etc)? </p>

<p>Any tips for incoming freshman? Stuff that all UCD students should know? For example, must get bike fenders to avoid the “freshman stripe” HAHA.</p>

<p>Go to events! For example, you may have a chance to get free tube socks if you go to the football games (they literally throw tube socks into the audience…or that’s what I’ve heard). Volunteer (best way to get free T-shirts, haha), take those silly survey things in the dining commons (I know Cuarto sometimes has people sitting at a table in front where you can answer questions or take a survey to win a free scantron and other stuff), read the Daily Calendar section of the Aggie to find out events that are going on and whether you can score free anything, read the newsletters Student Housing and your major advising center may send out, etc. </p>

<p>Yield in roundabouts. That’s a big one. </p>

<p>And during Welcome Week (which is the 1st week of school), you get a ton of free stuff.</p>

<p>for students who are truly in need (and not simply looking for the “freebies” hook-up–not that there’s anything wrong with that), there is the ‘we are aggie pride’ effort started by uc davis students. go ags!! </p>

<p>[We</a> Are Aggie Pride](<a href=“]We”></p>

<p>"Students Helping Students Fund</p>

<p>Are you a proud Aggie? Show it by helping fellow students in need. The Students Helping Students fund provides emergency funding to students to cover food, rent and other essential costs not covered by other programs, to give a temporary boost to those who are trying to make it on their own.</p>

<p>This program was created by students who saw a need. Please join us by making a donation and show your Aggie Pride!"</p>

<p>Basketball games, by far, have the most free shirts + higher probability of catching a tube sock IMO.</p>