How to get from an 11 to a 12?

<p>Where does the extra point come from?</p>

<p>I did one example, developed it well, used many SAT words, and filled up the 2 pages.</p>

<p>Use more fun examples. Don't use only 1.</p>

<p>luck... it really could just depend on your readers (for an 11, one gave a 6 and the other a 5)</p>

<p>Yup at that point its all luck.
Guaranteeing a double digit score is easy but lets just say that some readers are easier graders than others. As someone who has scored both 11 and 12 on the essay section, I do not recall any significant differences in my essay. I used similar introductions and conclusions, exact same structure, and the same examples (I happened to use the same 3 examples for every prompt lol).
So yeah, prepare for the worst, always assume a 10 essay.</p>