How to get inside info on programs at different schools

<p>I want to do biomedical engineering. I can't find any info online that is much help to me though. Is there people that I can e-mail who will tell me more information at BME programs at different colleges. Most likely colleges - MN, Madison, Northwestern. How do I actually know which program is better for me?</p>

<p>Try emailing the chair of the undergraduate program in that department (who will usually be listed on the department website) with a list of specific questions. Or if you are going to visit the campus, you can ask for a brief (30-min.) one-on-one with the chair or another department "representative" and ask your questions in person. (The "representative" request lets the chair refer you to someone else if he's too busy to meet with you himself.) </p>

<p>My son did this with all of his top college choices because he already had a very specific major in mind. He had only one refusal. (Actually, his request was just ignored at that one school.) Most schools are very accommodating, as long as you give them advance notice (at least 2 weeks) and aren't wasting their time just asking general questions that you can easily get the answers to from the website or the Admissions Office.</p>