how to get into a top 10 school for an MBA from a public university

<p>I currently go to the Univ of Maryland and I am in the business school. What kind of GPA, GMAT score, work experience (given that I don't go to a prestigious Univ and IB and Management Consulting are out), and EC's will I need to get into a top 10 MBA program?</p>

<p>700+ GMAT, 3.6+. 3 years at a real job.</p>

<p>more detail on "a real job" please. thnx</p>

<p>a real job. one where you work after undergrad, full time -- doing real tasks demonstrating leadership, being an asset to the company. not internships during undergrad.</p>

<p>The type were you wear a suit and crunch numbers or sell stuff but not in a retail sense. The main thing is to come out with some good recs and show some leadership qualities.</p>

<p>I heard that 2-3 years at work are not necessary, for example harvard is not require a minimum year of work for admission.</p>

<p>3.9+, 750+, 2 years at Goldman Sachs. Fastest ticket to HBS.</p>

<p>Coming from UMD, the chances of getting an IB job at Goldman are slim to none. Some other jobs that may be considered "quality work experience" that I am possible to attain?</p>

<p>for example, I know a girl who worked two years at an accounting firm (big4) and then another 2 years with the Gap's corporate group, after this she applied and got into Wharton.</p>

<p>what was her GPA and GMAT? And also was she a minority (black or latino, not asian)?</p>

<p>Do the absolute best at wherever you are. i ahve a friend who went to yale Law, After graduating with a 3.9+ from Rutgers and also another friend with a 3.9 who worked for Morgan Stanley after being an Econ and math amjor at Rutgers. You ahve to work your balls off.</p>

<p>Law school and business school look for 2 different things...</p>

<p>^Yeah I know, but these are two people that I know from Rutgers University-Rutgers College who both majored in econ and both had 3.9+ GPA and the routes that they took and they were only two years apart and both are very successful. Also, I realize law school puts more emphasis on GPA, but for someone coming from a decent state school applying to a top notch MBA program, needs pretty good Gpa also. The average HBS GPA this year was 3.64 and I believe that was teh highest one.</p>

<p>Hate to be nitpicky Pre-med, but you said the average HBS gpa was 3.64 and it was also the highest gpa? Excuse me?</p>

<p>He probably meant it was the highest of the average GPAs for MBA programs.</p>

<p>^Correct, thanks for picking up context clues.....</p>

<p>660+ GMAT, GPA over 3.45, also at least 2 extracurriculars with some leadership role and also 3-4 years of a serious job. Also, seek to get letters of rec. from 2-3 very well known profs. from Maryland, make connections.</p>