How to get into H. straight from H. Prez.

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<p>For those to lazy to click to see what the Harvard prez (Larry Summers) said, here's an excerpt:</p>

<p>"At the end of the day, there's a lot of subjectivity,'' Summers said. "To be very honest, the students we admit are lucky.''</p>

<p>But a common thread among them is that they've poured themselves into a passion, Summers said. They weren't "box checkers'' who tried to do a little in a lot of areas.</p>

<p>"If you look at the students we take, very, very many of them are people who have found something distinctive, who have found some passion,'' said Summers, treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton. </p>

<p>Three-quarters of Harvard students scored at least a 32 on the 36-point ACT test, or a 1400 on the 1600-point SAT, said admissions director William Fitzsimmons. In addition, 10 percent of all undergraduates this year got their $42,000-a-year education covered under a new program that offers a free ride to students whose families earn less than $40,000."</p>

<p>Smart, passionate, lucky. . .yep, that covers admissions at any selective school.</p>

<p>I love Larry Summers. He made a lot of insightful comments in a Business Week article recently. Although he was Treasury Secretary under Clinton, Summers is a staunch free markets advocate. His beliefs in the sciences and quantitative analysis (he once said "we live in a culture in which it is unacceptable not to know five works of Shakespeare but it is OK to not know the difference between a gene and a chromosome") encouraged me to apply to Harvard.</p>

<p>how i hope that's true!!!</p>

<p>for me, that's good news. but it's also quite true, that the accepted applicants are "lucky". if even half of the 20 000 applicants are like the people here - you blow me away, by the by - than it's a lottery. in thirty years from now, when 40 000 or so kids apply, only true superhumans will get in. and all the ivies, and not ONLY the ivies, will be pretty impossible. woe on our children, if they want to go.</p>