How to get into Harvard with a 1200/2400..

<p>You can't get in with a 1200. Here's my real problem though:</p>

<p>SAT- 1860
no SAT2s yet. been studying for them.</p>

<p>I'm trying to create the best possible SAT/SAT2 plan and I've come to three options.</p>

<p>Option 1:
Take the SAT2 sometime in October, which means I'll be studying all of September. [I've already started reviewing IIC & Physics]</p>

<p>Then take the month of October to study for the ACT [oct 28] + SAT [early nov] although I can take the ACT in Dec - which one should i go for? Since ACT can be taken in Oct or Dec. If I do this, then I'll knock out SAT and ACT at the same time.</p>

<p>Then I get my score report [SAT2 in oct] and if I'm not satisfied, I get to retake them in December...
conclusion: i'll have 1 month to study for SAT2s for the OCT test, and another month right after SAT/ACT in late OCT/ early Nov.</p>

<p>Option 2:
Take the SAT in early OCT, which means Sept will be devoted to studying for the SATs.
Right after the SAT test, I would be studying that entire month for SAT2's. But this only gives me ONE month to study.</p>

<p>Then if I'm satisfied with my score [SAT2s] then I'll take ACT in dec. but ACT takes up to a month to get the score report [which isn't enough time for college apps, or so i believe]. If i'm not satisfied, dec will be for SAT2s again?</p>

<p>I'll barely have enough time to study for the SAT2s. I think?</p>

<p>option #3:
SAT in October, time in sept devoted for oct testing.
then i'll take the ACT in late OCT, and SAT2 in early nov, but this gives me barely any time to study for the SAT2s, unless the ACT is a relatively easy test like the SATs which is similar in content then i won't bother studying for it. If I devote my time instead for the SAT2s in OCT, then my ACT score will get ****ted on. I'll have another month to study for SAT2s for DEC. </p>

How long does the score report for ACT take?
Which option is the best? personally after thinking it out a lot, i would choose between #1 and #3. </p>

<p>Do I really have enough time to study for the IIC and Physics?</p>

<p>Sorry for the extremely long read. Any advice is definitely appreciated.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance, </p>


<p>i think option 2 is better.</p>

<p>you don't really need to even study for math IIc - i took a practice test cold 2 days before and got a 760 so i was like ehh i guess that's cool with me. i got a 780 on the actual thing and i'm fine with it. however, i didn't take the physics subject test so i don't know how much you would need to review for that.</p>

<p>thanks for the quick reply.

<p>one more question: anyone know if you need a lot of memorization and perfection of the content for physics SATII? </p>

<p>thanks again.</p>


<p>someone please give me some more advice!</p>

<p>I'm not sure you're going to get people who want to give advice. anyone opening this thread is ready to make a sarcastic comment, and then they don't feel like reading your whole post...</p>


<p>bump10char anyways. forgive. thx.</p>

<p>If you know your physics, you will do fine.</p>

<p>The curve is more than amazing for top students.</p>

<p>the content and everything kills me in physics, </p>

<p>i have no idea what im studying.
should i memorize the formulas.. review the content damn, someone help ,_,</p>

<p>okay, I took it this june and got a 770 on physics...this was after i took ap physics b.</p>

<p>if you did well in ap physics, then all you need to do is review a bit and memorize the formulas. I had finals the week before the SAT IIs and I barely studied, but I did fine because the test isn't that hard, but you MUST know the formulas.</p>

<p>Sorry to hijack, but I just have to ask this.</p>

<p>@dizzydxz: Do you think I should take the SAT II Physics after AP Physics B or should I wait till I do Physics C and then take it? (I'm a soph now)</p>

<p>so your going to go to harvard with a 1200? I didnt read your post cause it was too long, but i assumed thats what it said due to your title......nerd</p>