How to get into UMiami.

Hi. I am currently selecting AP classes for junior year, and was wondering how many APs I should take to get into UMiami. Would anyone be kind enough to help me out, or maybe even share their scores? Thanks!

Read through the thread on Miami’s class of 2023. That will give you insight.

You should strive for what your GC will indicate as “most rigorous” on your application.

It doesn’t have to be all the APs your school offers! Every GC can tell you what what qualifies for that notation. Ask them at school.

Also your major and college path should inform your ap choices. Physics chem cal calc bc and bio for science oriented. Engineering pre med etc are important. Not just to get into school x. But as a base for your future work.

Schools like UMiami like to see this as well.

Other AP choices can be varied.

You could go to the the ap credit chart on the UMiami website. Take a look at the scores you need. Try to take AP courses you’re interested in and are included in your prospective major.

If you are asking from the standpoint of getting accepted to UM, you can try using the CC search function, with a search like:

university of miami accepted AP results

and then Ctrl-F through the pages with “AP”. This will give you a sample of the AP classes and scores of accepted students.

@CollegeFreak9488 I think the answer depends on the school you go to. My son was accepted this year and he took 2 jr year and 3 sr year. But at his school they don’t offer AP’s until jr year. He took honors in all other classes (unless it was only offered as an on-level elective). I think you should do what feels right for you. You want to challenge yourself, but you still have to get a good grade and have some sanity left to enjoy yourself. My son also played sports and did some volunteering. I saw people with higher SAT scores than him getting deferred from EA and he got a decent scholarship, so I am under the impression that Miami likes a well rounded student. Good luck to you with your class selection.

Honestly the best and worst thing about UM academically is admission criteria. For a good school (~55 on US News List) it is pretty easy to get in. Once you get here you will see how many not smart people also got in. This is a plus for classes because if you are above most of class it is essentially an easy A. However, if you prefer to be surrounded by intellectually curious people who challenge everyone to become better…you might be disappointed.