How to get involved as an incoming transfer student?

<p>I am from Tucson and currently a freshman at St. John’s University in New York. I’ve decided to return to Arizona next school year.
My main concern though is that I will find it difficult to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus as a transfer student (I will be a sophomore next year). Although I am from Tucson, I don’t have any friends at U of A. Most of my friends from high school didn’t go to college. Anyways, at my current school (a smaller,private school) it was very easy to get involved on campus.
I am a TV/Film major and I enjoy making short films, recording podcasts, and anything that has to do with entertainment production. I’m somewhat intimidated by the size of U of A coming from a smaller school. What are the best ways to get involved on such a huge campus?
Btw, I will be living on campus in order to get better acquainted with the campus. </p>