how to get my standby scores???

<p>I gave the SAT on 3rd december from India,New Delhi this year as a standby,registering on the test day itself.
The scores are available online now tthough my scores arent.
When i click on 'available online' link i am taken to register for SAT
I have sent collegeboard an email regarding this but its been 5 days and they are doing nothing except sending emails which ask you to fill out your details.
I seriously doubt if i ll ever get my scores.
I urgently needed them as i am an transfer applicant.
how will i get my scores???</p>

<p>The proctor on the test day was very impatient and she filled out half of my registration form hurriedly.
what do i do???</p>

<p>it will be too late if i gave the SAT in jan.</p>