How to get non-CSE unlimited free printing?

<p>I'd like to know. I prefer double-sided btw</p>

<p>KCLS - 75 pages per week per card, refreshes on Sundays. It's great.</p>

<p>But that is not unlimited ;_;</p>

<p>I think that what I will do is that I will just use my old high school's library printing - I can just get a friend to let me borrow their login.</p>

<p>Ah, didn't realize you were printing that much ... If your parents also have KCLS accounts, you have a little over 200 pages to print. What are you planning on printing every week to go through all the trouble of going back to your HS to print? o.o</p>

<p>I dunno, but, well, just in case...</p>

<p>what is kcls?</p>

<p>King County Library System</p>

<p>someone wants to print out their text books haha</p>