How to get over Jealousy?

<p>My friend is jealous of my other friend because everybody thinks he is smarter than him.</p>

<p>How can I help him get over jealousy?</p>

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<p>"Im jealous of my friend because everybody thinks he is smarter than me.</p>

<p>How can I get over my jealousy?"</p>

<p>^ Fixed.</p>

<p>“I’m jealous of my friend because he has a hot girlfriend. I’ve had a crush on her for years now, but I never had the balls to ask her out. A month ago, my ‘friend’ asked her out. I think she’s even sleeping with him now! Stupid slut. How do I get them to break up?”</p>

<p>^ Fixed^2.</p>

<p>“I’m jealous of my friend because he drives a really nice car. I drive a ****ty Buick everyday to school while he drives a brand new Mazda! I hope I can have his babies.”</p>

<p>^ Fixed^3</p>

<p>Ohaiguise, can you all ■■■■■ me pl0x?</p>

<p>^ Fix’d^4</p>

<p>They’re simply opinions. So what if someone thinks someone is smarter than someone else? The only person you should be competing with is yourself because it only makes you a stronger student. Focus on your own goals & how you want to achieve your success. And if your friend is smart and successful too, would it hurt to be happy for him & proud of him? Make it a win-win situation. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Modesty is classy and gracious:)</p>