how to get scores early

<p>just a thought....would naviance post ap scores before you get them in the mail, since your school receives them before you do? or would they probably not post them right away?</p>

<p>I don't think they'll post AP scores there first.</p>

<p>probably won't be able to find out.</p>

<p>It cost $8 to get all your AP Scores about a week or two early.</p>

<p>AP</a> Scores - AP Scores & Reporting Services</p>

<p>this service will be available on July 1st, which is about 10-15 days earlier than the mail report. now, 10-15 days might not be a long way for some people, but since i took more than 1 ap exam, i think is well worth the $8 to get multiple ap exam scores 10-15 days early.</p>

<p>yeah, well my ap coordinator says that we can email her to get our scores early and avoid paying the $8, but i'd rather avoid her if i can....but i guess i'll just have to email her haha. </p>

<p>plus i'd rather see my scores on the real report from college board than in an email....but idk if its worth 2 weeks for that lol</p>

<p>I'm waiting the two weeks. My sister and I both took 3 tests so I don't think my parents would want to drop $48 dollars for a short phone call. I think I did okay so i'm not too worried.</p>

<p>hillbyrd - it's 8$ for all your scores, so 16 for both of you</p>