How to get the max amount of points on last AP English Lang. & Comp. essay when running out of time?

<p>I am taking the AP English Language and Composition test on friday and i know that I won't be able to finish all three essays in time. I did 2 timed essay practices already and on both i barely had time to write a thesis for the last essay. In order for me to write a good dbq i need more time, taking away from time on the other essays. I don't know how to write the analysis q2 essay (like seriously) so i save it till the end. I can wright a decent q3 but it takes time, taking away from the 3rd essay. I know in ap world you can scramble points on the last essay, in the last 15-10 mins, by just writhing a thesis and the 3 topic sentences. Will this strategy work on the Ap English Language test? What are thing you can to to get the maximum amount of points on the 3rd essay (most likely how to scramble quick points the q2 analysis essay)? Also, since i suck at analysis essays any tips will be helpful.</p>

<p>I think you basically answered your question already. My teacher said that getting the big points (thesis, topic sentences, whatever) on the page is most important. If you suck at analysis, why don’t you just make that the one you skimp on? Go big on your two strengths.</p>