How to Get the Most Out of College

“They’re privileged, pivotal years. Navigate them with as much care as you did the path that got you there.” …


Students should explore the city. If you live in a city where there is bus transportation then use that opportunity to explore the city for FREE. All you have to do is swipe your ID card.

I go to UAlbany and I’ve been visiting so many places. I usually explore the city every two- threes weeks just so I can rest my mind from school

I came here to post this this morning, as I think it’s one of the better columns I’ve seen about advice for attending college (both the actual advice and Bruni’s commentary about how we obsess over getting students into the ‘right’ college and then give them virtually no support for how to actually get through it).

Probably my favorite part, though, was this:

I’ve seen so many questions - both offline and here on CC - of students who are positively agonizing over their choice of major. A common belief is that the right choice will lead to an automatic life of comfort and satisfaction; the wrong choice will be catastrophic and lead to unemployment and unhappiness. It just doesn’t matter that much! I work at a large tech company and I know people in both technical and non-technical roles who come from so many different majors. And I wish more students didn’t believe they had to decide in high school, before they even take a single class, what they want to do forever. It just doesn’t work like that. People change careers, sometimes drastically, and there are so many entry points into different careers. The one you end up working in 10 or even five years from now may not exist today.