How to get those last 20 points on CR?

<p>I did practice test 2 out of the BB yesterday, the CR sections anyway, and got a 780. I was as surprised as anyone, seeing as I generally suck at CR and my current score hangs at a 630. Now, I think this was just a fluke, but I've noticed I've gotten LOADS better at passage based reading. In January I had between 7 and 9 wrong, in May I had 10 with an omit - in this one I only had 3 wrong. Unfortunately, 3 wrong = -4 raw = NOT 800. 2 wrong on the other hand (-2 raw), usually = 800. I had 1 wrong per section, and all of them seemed like they could be repeated on test day - though I did learn well from them so maybe not. </p>

<p>Now I got lucky-ish with this test in that I knew the vocab, so hopefully the same thing happens tomorrow. If that does, I want to (hopefully) be able to only get a -2 instead of a -3 which just drops my score directly. I get whole sections correct on occasion, though I think it's only happened like twice. Other than that I average 1-2 mistakes per section (3-4 per test) - not counting SC's. Can anyone offer a couple helpful tips or something? Or is it just a matter of luck on test day?</p>

<p>CR used to be boring to me, you know. Now it's my preferred part of the SAT. And seeing as I'm usually a math guy, that's saying something.
Thanks in advance :)</p>

<p>I think once you're in that range, it is a matter of luck, depending on what questions they throw at you. Sometimes I've gotten none wrong on practice tests for CR; other times I'll get 3 wrong. It really depends.
Congratulations though, that's a great score! Good luck on test day</p>

<p>Its' all a matter of luck. Some practice tests I get 1 or 2 wrong, others I get 5 or 6 wrong...My score fluctuates from around 720 to 780ish, which is kinda of annoying really.</p>

<p>^ You're right it is SO annoying!
What can we do :(</p>