how to get to cornell from ithaca tompkins reginal airporT?

<p>anyone ????</p>

<p>TCAT route 32 runs to the airport on weekdays</p>

<p>what is TCAT?</p>

<p>Tompkins County ? Transport … the local bus system</p>

<p>so when i arrive at ithaca tompkins reginal airport, can i just ask somebody there to show me where the bus is and get on right away? i will arrive at about 6 pm there…or do i need to reserve in advance or something?</p>

<p>There’s a taxi for like $14 bucks too I think…it’s rather expensive.</p>

<p>You can get on the 32 at the airport at either 5:57 or 6:57 PM. It will arrive at Cornell’s Sage Hall bus stop about 20 minutes later.</p>

<p>^ yea how do i get on the bus? does the bus come to the airport ? can i just ask someone to tell me where the bus is ? ?

<p>um look for a bus stop… </p>

<p>if you’re that nervous about figuring it out just bring cash and catch a cab. you can also check w w w dot tcatbus dot com to check the exact route times and stops. look under ride–>trip planner</p>

<p>look at the TCAT website: [Home</a> : TCAT Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit](<a href=“]Home”> just to be sure.</p>

<p>I would keep an eye out for signs. I have ridden that bus before (though I haven’t flown in/out of the airport) and it just stops right in the front near the pick-up area where most of your fellow passengers will be going also. and it’s not a huge airport.</p>

<p>I believe the 72 runs to the airport on weekends if you’re interested.</p>