How to go back to college after so many years?

<p>Hi everyone! I could really use some help and advice on how to go about going back to college at the age of 28…</p>

<p>Here's a bit of history…
In High School I got mostly A's and B's… i think my gpa was like around 3.4-3.6 …
I was very interested in college until 11th grade, then I was more interested in traveling and didn't bother too much with college plans. I took all required high school classes and no ap classes.</p>

<p>I moved to South Africa…. and after a few months decided to start at a university here studying Business of Commerce Accounting. I did a year and a half and got married. My grades during that time were decent… but here an A is 75% and up… One would think that means its easier but nope.. the teaching style here is completely different and the way questions are asked is even more confusing!
So my grades were around the 65-70's…. Here in South Africa they do not do a general undergrad.. you basically go straight in to whichever degree you chose. I had no idea what to study so I went with BCOM Accounting. I don't love it though….</p>

<p>(I think I would like to go for a career in Occupational Therapy and specifically in Sensory Integration (or OT for children in some way)
I ended up leaving college though to have kids… here I am 7 years later and I want to get back to school. I plan to move back to America and am unsure what to do. I'm a southern california girl so would definitely want to move back to Cali.
I took SAT's in October 2011 (as a test to see if I still had the mental capacity) and I scored 2010…
Math 640
Reading 690
Writing 680</p>

<p>Where do I go from here? Should I go to a CC? Should i apply at a UC? No idea what to do but would really appreciate some help in finding a path to help me reach my goals….</p>

<p>Thanks for your help! It is because of this forum that I actually enjoyed studying for and taking the SAT...</p>

<p>Would i even need to show the university/college in america my transcript from here considering that I doubt I would get any credits?</p>

<p>Whenever you apply to a college, you need to send transcripts from any previous college attendance, whether the credits will transfer or not. Since you have completed a year and a half of college, you will be considered a transfer applicant at any US college.</p>

<p>UCs only accept jr transfers (see the UC Transfers subforum). CCC would likely be a good place to start as the path from CCC to a UC or CSU is pretty straightforward.</p>