How to handle the problem? "URGENT"!!!

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I would love to have your advices how to handle my problem.</p>

<p>I'm an international student, having already applied to colleges such as Amherst, Wesleyan, Swarthmore, etc. This january I took SAT subject tests and my results are: Math lvl 1: 730, Math lvl 2 :750, US History: 630. I have never taken classes in US history, and I think this score will really be able to destroy my application. What should I do? Do I need to notify colleges this fact or will they keep in mind that I am an international student? Is 630 too horrible score that will automatically reject the student, who has never been taught the subject at school?</p>

<p>What should I do? </p>

<p>Thank you in advance. Your comments are more than welcome.</p>

<p>Why did you take US history if you're not good at it? You should have taken a subject with which you're more familiar (maybe world history?). Anyway, it won't get you automatic rejection, but it won't help your case. Honestly, if I were an admissions officer and read your excuse (never took the subject at school), I'd only blame you for your unwise decision. Don't send an email; just hope for the best.</p>

<p>By the way, it's impossible to take the two math levels on the same day (isn't it?). I'm assuming you took them on separate testing days.</p>

<p>Your admissions file includes your transcript, so there is no need to send an additional email with this information. I agree that it does not help you at this point to explain the score.</p>

<p>@Cardgames I understand your point, but I could not take the world history, because it was not offered on january testing date. Furthermore, it is possible to take two math tests on the same day, and I did it so. Due to some family problems, I missed december testing when world history was offered and I'm sure I would do well, because I have some accomplishments in my country in this subject. Anyway, thank you for your comment, and I hope this score will not completely destroy my application. </p>

<p>@siliconvalleymom thanks so much for your post. Yeah, my transcript includes history as a course what I have taken, and I think it implies that I have studied general history, not that of US. </p>

<p>Any additional comments would be appreciated. Waiting for your responses. Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Well, I guess you could send a letter stating that you took US history in lieu of world history because of familial circumstances. However, it still raises the question why you didn't take any other subject. Did you take US history because you're interested in the humanities and aren't good enough to take the literature test (or maybe you never studied English literature)? I still believe that you could have taken a science test or a language test. However, if that's the case, sending a letter might be worth it. It's not the best of excuses, but it is understandable.</p>

<p>By the way, I never knew that you could take both math tests on the same day. I was always told that you couldn't. I guess you learn something every day.</p>

<p>I have not studied English Literature as well. The best option would be to take physics, because I know only Russian besides English and my native language. In fact, Russian is not offered s a subject test on the SAT, though.
Should I send now an email, stating this circumstance, or my transcript, which indicates that I have taken classes in history(not defined what kid of history), will makeission officers nortice I have not studied the subject?</p>

<p>I don't have a suggestion for your problem, but I wanted to help you a little with your English. The plural of advice is advice (no 's'.) Learning the English language must be so difficult due to all the exceptions to the rules of grammar. This is a common error I see from time to time here on CC. </p>

<p>(**I hope this correction comes across as being helpful, and not obnoxious. :) )</p>

<p>I wouldn't make your never taking US history the main focus, but I would mention it. The main focus- or excuse, if you may :p- should be your missing the December test and resorting to a test you weren't originally planning to take. You could also highlight your self-studying for the test in a positive manner, which ,I believe, shows dedication and a penchant for history. I think if you write the email well, you could make it work. Also, 630 isn't that bad, if you studied for only a month with no prior knowledge of the subject (hint, hint). It's actually pretty respectable.</p>

<p>If you want help writing the email, just send me a PM. I'm feeling helpful tonight, so don't hesitate if you need help.</p>

<p>hahaha thanks so much. Actually, I studied for 11-12 days :).</p>