How to Impress the College Professor

<p>Hey guy Im a senior and going to college to this fall....I would want to how to give a good impression to the proffesor, so he/she isnt always in my tail...especially the ones who have a stuck up thorn on their nect attitude</p>

<p>come to class prepared, do your assignments on time, don't grade grub and don't plagarize</p>

<p>Well..the best way not to offend a professor with a "stuck up thorn on their nect" attitude is not to put them in your tail. :)</p>

<p>Sit in front.</p>

<p>What I've learned from highschool:</p>

<p>The three sure-fire ways to make a teacher hate you are, in this order 1.) do homework for other classes 2.) sleep 3.) eat.</p>

<p>Sounds so obvious, and yet I tend to do all of those in all of my classes. God knows what my recommendations will look like :-D.</p>

<p>^ haha I didn't do any of those things but teachers in high school hated me because I had an 'attitude' hmm</p>

<p>In college I just don't mind their attitude. I do my work and thats that because they won't change. Just sit in front, do your hw, study, and he/she hopefully will have someone else to pick on.</p>

<p>I used to take my lunch to Marketing class in college all the time. My prof used to always laugh and come by to see what I was having. He was a pretty cool guy. I've also taken fast food to classes before, and had a pizza delivered once... actually, I've had multiple pizzas delivered to the Library....</p>

<p>My prof's loved me.</p>

<p>^^ wow thats gotta be original...first time i ever heard this............and whats up fendergirl</p>

<p>Not much. I think the best time was when I brought wendy's to a 5:00pm class for me and two other guys. I got caught in traffic getting back, and wound up 10 minutes late for class. So I walked in with my bag of food... no backpack or books or anything, and i sat down.. and i started taking the food out of my bag and passing it down to the correct people. It was so funny. Our Prof. asked what was for dinner and i was like "chicken nuggets, do you want one".. haha. and that's when the kid i sat next to asked if we could order a pizza for the next class and he said sure, as long as you order enough for everyone... and this other girl offered up a coupon.. :)</p>

<p>I've had a few pizzas delivered to the IT Help Desk when I worked there as well... the one time I had one delivered to room 103 (or something like that) of the library - a group study room. My group was there working on a project for 12 hours straight... and we def. enjoyed our papa johns pizza :)</p>

<p>I used to go 30min-1hr late to my photography 1 class every day it met because it interfered with my lunch time. I always got along so great with that prof.. i actually ended up teaching her how to do other photography things a semester later when she was sitting in on my photo 2 class... and i stop by and visit her whenever i'm around campus..</p>

<p>i don't suggest doing that stuff in all classes, you def want to get a feel for how relaxed the class is and what type of prof. you have. i mean, you def. wouldn't take food to a science class. also, i don't condone skipping class to eat meals... everyone should go on time.. to every class.. always.... </p>



<p>Unless the teacher does it too...Then he/she doesn't care.</p>

<p>What's worked for me: Siting in the front, participating in the class and talking to the prof. at office hours.</p>

<p>Don't send the prof dumb e-mails
Don't come by in office hours to ask about something that is in the syllibus
Basicly, don't wast the prof's time.</p>

<p>just basically be an adult. don't act like a child. if you want to be treated like an adult, you have to act like one.</p>

<p>I sat in the front in every class of a course I didn't particularly like and didn't do the reading for (but I did well on the papers) and my professor liked me so much that he not only offered to write a recommendation for me, but also wrote an extra one to a dean. I never spoke in class (because I hadn't done the reading most of the time), so I don't know exactly what I did, but apparently, sitting in front and going to every class works well.</p>

<p>Send the prof. chocolates and champagne. Or just champagne if he/she is diabetic/hates chocolates/doesn't seem like a chocolate person.</p>

<p>I knew this one girl who used to bring breakfast for our professor in our 8:00AM class....she was a dumbass but got a B....meh</p>

Send the prof. chocolates and champagne

[/quote] not even 18, let alone go buy champagne.....i think the professor will kill me if im who is a minor buying and under 21 buying champagne for the him/her.</p>

<p>Read some of what the professor has published, and then go discuss it with him during office hours. Have some intelligent questions prepared before hand.</p>

<p>Honestly, just be yourself. Ask about stuff that interests you in class, pay attention, take notes, and don't have a heart attack. By the time you're in college, your professor is generally viewed as a source of information, not as a person who is there to make you feel small because you had to go to the bathroom, or came in a few minutes late or asked what you thought was a dumb question.</p>

<p>If your prof is a decent human being, and you're not abusing anything (coming in late, bathroom, etc.), you should be okay in their class.</p>

<p>I also like boysx3's idea. I actually did that by accident. I read a book by the department chair of the uni I wanted to go to, and I didn't realize until later that it was the same guy. It might help. But don't read it just to brown nose.</p>

<p>do a strip tease in front of them</p>