how to improve a 1910?

<p>I got a 1910 on the march SAT
Reading 610
Math 680
Writing 620 (the essay was a 8)</p>

<p>i am really seeking to improve my reading/writing the most, but also math, i am taking it again in May, and i would like to get a 2000+. any tips?</p>

<p>keep ideas on what to support your essay with.
keep a sheet of paper when you do go places.</p>

<p>if you find something interesting, write it down. you could use it to support your thesis when you write your essay.</p>

<p>before you go into the testing building, review your sheet with examples you can use.</p>

<p>this will help minimize the time needed to formulate the outline of the essay.</p>

<p>this technique helped me get a 11 on my essay on the SAT</p>

<p>You should go over your math. I hear the math is very repetitive in different questions and has the same pattern/logic behind it.</p>

<p>Practice, practice, practice. Review your mistakes and track the kinds of mistakes you're making. Study SAT strategies and know those and the fundamentals as best you can.</p>

<p>For practice, use College Board tests and Princeton Review tests. The PR tests have answer explanations, but sadly, CB does not.</p>

<p>Here's the thing, the multiple choice part of the writing section only tests a RELATIVELY SMALL HANDFUL of concepts. My suggestion, and I highly highly recommend it, is to read over the Princeton Review section about writing section multiple choice rules (things like s-v agreement and other things of that nature) three or four times. Also, get the structure down for an essay beforehand so you don't have to worry about structure in the exam room. I am honestly telling you that if you do these things (especially the Princeton Review section), you will get a good writing score. I followed that method and got an 800 W, so it can work for you too.</p>