How to improve an already decent writing score

<p>Ok, so I got a 710 in writing on the January SAT. It was very unusual because I consider myself good at grammar and I got a 78 on the writing section of the PSAT. I think I am going to take the SAT once more to try to improve my writing score.</p>

<p>So that's where I need your help. My weakness, apparently, is with the multiple choice - the essay I can easily get a 10 or so on. Once I improve the MC, my scores will improve dramatically. My MC subscore was 69. But I'm taking the SAT's again April 1 (subject tests occupy May and June, and I don't want to wait 'till next year), and I need help prepping specifically for writing.</p>

<p>What do you guys recommend using to increase my score from a 710 to 760+? What are the best books for writing (perhaps they are just about the writing section, and not the whole SAT)? Any methods or such that can help me? Thanks all.</p>

<p>Honestly, a lot of it just depends on the specific test.
I've gone from 72 to 80 to 74 to 80 to 71 on a combo. of SAT, practice tests, and the PSAT. Once you're up there, it just depends on that test's questions.</p>

<p>I agree with s snack, it depends on each test. However, I just did about 4 tests from the blue book and was able to raise my MC score from 75 to 80.</p>

<p>For the essay, I used Kaplan's writing workbook and was able to raise my essay score from 9 to 11.</p>