How To Improve on CR.

<p>I'm becoming a senior and i need to finish off
my SAT I by November (so i have two chances).
Writing and Math are fine for me.
But CR (not the vocab part) is killing me.
I cant get it over 600.
Some people say read books, but i'm not sure
reading books for like 3 months would help.</p>

<p>Here's the question
1. If reading book's gonna be still helpful at this last moment,
what kind of books should i read?
2. If you dont suggest the method in #1, what should i do? Keep
doing practice tests?</p>

<p>just read a lot of college bound books (there's a list on</p>

<p>also, practice test for CR won't really help (maybe a little). just read, and make sure that you understand what your reading. While you read, paraphrase or interpret what the author is saying (do this in your head so people wont think your crazy). a lot of times, people are apt to just read without really paying attention to what they're reading. DON'T DO THIS.</p>

<p>don't waste your time reading books.. your time will be better spent practicing how to read the CR passages, retain most of the info and still have enough time to answer the questions. So just practice as much as you can.</p>

<p>the above statement is complete false.</p>

<p>man... confused</p>

<p>Don't listen to him. Don't read books unless you're reading for fun-- if you force yourself to read you more than likely won't get anything out of it. IMO you'll be way better off doing as many CR passages as you can-try different techniques- reading quickly but carefully and then answering the questions, not reading at all and just referring to the passage to answer the questions, or reading half the passage and answering the questions. Figure out what works best for you. You would have done so many CR practice tests and would have mastered a certain technique before the exam that you'll be very comfortable on confident when taking the test. Trust me- confidence is EVERYTHING when taking the SAT's. It's very simple- practice makes perfect(trite but VERY true)- i wouldn't consider reading a book 'practice.'</p>

<p>reading books is much better. studying tons of practice test is for people who can't comprehend reading and need little tricks and strategies to do good on standardized test. i'm guessing racnna is that type of i guess if your like him/her, then do it his/her way. however reading books will be much more efficacious and will benefit you in other ways.</p>

<p>take practice tests, not books</p>

<p>Since English is my second language,
I have a problem of comprehending (fully understanding)
the passages are difficult to understand. But if
i understand a certain passage, i get most of the problems right.

<p>I read for fun, and I also read magazine such as time whenever I eat breakfast. I've read stuff from the classics to things like enders game. </p>

<p>What i found doing all that stuff doesn't help a bit, People who never read are doing better than me, and iam a voracious reader, i can't breach 550(first practice sat i took). The sat is all about understanding the questions and what they are focusing on. Its better to practice the questions than read. You can read now and then but focus more practicing which would help in the long run.</p>

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<p>There are some good tips on that thread.
I think that individual may be in somewhat of the same situation as you - at least with English being their second language.</p>

<p>I think you should do both - practice tests and read books.
Especially since English may not be your strongest area...books can help improve that. The other thread mentioned French or Russian authors since they are easier to read than the English ones. Their writing is a little less esoteric, so you can understand it more easily.</p>

<p>I think those individuals who advocated practice tests are probably more familiar with English than you are, so for them, all they need to do is refine their test-taking strategies and get used to the types of questions. That can definitely help out your CR score, but if you have difficulty reading some of the harder passages in the first place, I'd suggest just reading books that you enjoy and that are somewhat challenging. You can also practice SAT tests, but do not JUST practice SAT tests.</p>

<p>I would say practice CR sections. Reading college bound books at this point, in my opinion, won't help you that much. You'll see had a good point. He/she claimed that a lot of people read without paying attention to what they're reading. That used to be my problem. Also, read a lot of online articles. Not celebrity gossip. Maybe scientific, political, social articles, etc. It might be beneficial.</p>