How to improve SAT CR and Writing?

I get like 720+ on the math sections, but my CR is around 560 and my Writing Multiple Choice is around 500-530. What books should I get and how do i improve in those sections?


this is a good guide. remember to actively read the passages and underline line references. learning a bit of vocab never hurts :)>-

for writing: im not sure if the essay is the problem or its the multiple choice part. brush up on grammar rules because that should improve your scores by a lot!!! on the essay bring examples to the test that you already know and can apply to most sat prompts.

search the forums for more guides because the people on here are all experts at taking the sat and stuff.
you can also use Khanacademy which i really like. Sal is so clear and concise. there are practice tests there too.

As for books, I like the bluebook because it has a bunch of practice test. take as many practice tests as you can and try to understand why you missed what you missed so you can raise your score by a lot.

Hope this helps!!!

also this guide is helpful

I got my Reading score up 200 points (530 to 730) basically by repeatedly doing the blue book reading passages and old online SAT exams. Jot down a main idea for each paragraph, only choose an answer supported by textual evidence, and try to answer a question first before looking at the choice. Memorize roots of words for vocab help.

I got my writing score up 240 points (560 to 800) by doing the same thing with reading but also learning the different types of mistakes:

  1. Subject verb Agreement (He is vs he are, stuff like that)
  2. Listing (He eats, sleeps and talking OR He eats, sleeps and talks. Latter is correct)
  3. Run ons
  4. Punctuation (He, is good vs He is good)
  5. Dangling Modifier (Tired and exhausted, the bed was made by him vs. Tired and exhaused, he made the bed. The first sounds like the bed is tired, the second doesn't).
  6. Idioms (Preference of vs preference to, predilection for vs predilection of. Know which one is right).
  7. Random errors that can't be classified but only appear in 1-2 questions per SAT

Also for the essay, make sure you have a thesis and use two examples to support it. You don’t need a conclusion if you write 1 1/2- 1 3/4 pages.