How to improve SAT scores?? HELP!

<p>When I take practice tests and actual SAT test, I usually get CR: 630, WR:660 (10 Essay), Math:780-800.
I get 12/19 on sentence completion =(((.
Do u guys think just memorizing bunch of vocab and getting close to perfect on sentence completion will boost my CR mark? if so by how much? and for writing, I always get 10+ essay so essay is not a big deal but MC is just killing me. I thought I got 3-4 max wrongs and I always see score lower than 700...</p>

<p>Any advice please?? I dun go to school but preparing for 3 APs =/ still I got enough time.</p>

Anyone help please?? T.T</p>

<p>You say you don’t go to school? Or are you homeschooled?</p>

<p>buy the 300 book by the guy who wrote direct hits…i got 0 wrong on the sentence completion on the march sat thanks to that book</p>

<p>@Loncria: I graduated 2 years ago and was in univ then moved to Korea for a year (not speaking or using any English) and I have to take SAT again to transfer into Korean univ, which requires 2250-2350…lol</p>

<p>@Francesca1996: Yup I bought Direct Hits 1,2 and got vocabs of Rocket Revolution, so I am memorizing them.</p>

<p>What is the 300 book? Is it a direct hits book or something else?</p>