How to improve Vocab fill in?

<p>I'm having a really difficult time with the vocab fill in part in the critical reading section. I get about 50% of them wrong. So far i know about 100 words from Direct Hits and another 100 from princeton review flash cards. Some of the words on the test i know already and I still get them wrong. Im taking the test in about 2 months, do you guys know what I should do to atleast get 70%-80% of the vocab fill in right. Thanks I'll greatly appreciate it.</p>

<p>Many of the vocabulary lists only cover level 4-5 words. Perhaps you lack level 1-3 words. Can you list which numbers you get wrong?</p>

<p>some good ways to improve is to identify the "charge" of the word- as you read the sentence, fill the blank with a +, -, or O. this may help you indicate what kind of word needs to go in the blank. (do this on the choices as well so that you can eliminate ones that dont match the charge) </p>

<p>i dont really know what you primarily have trouble with so it would be nice to clarify...</p>