How to increase chance of admission in the Georgetown SFS

<p>My daughter is applying to the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown. She is majoring in business and has a 4.0 from a private university, has an internship with a government agency based in D.C., has won a scholarhip to study abroad this year, has an internship while studying abroad, and is getting ready to take the GRE. Her practice GRE tests are coming in around 1200. This school is one of very few which offer the specific grad degree she needs for her future professional goals. What can she do to increase her chances of admission?</p>

<p>I hate to say it but for Georgetown her GRE scores are much too low. I wouldn't aim for anything less that 1350. She could bolster her resume a bit by having stellar references (not just a glowing recommendation, but a recommendation from someone they respect). For instance, I didn't have the scores for Yale back in the day, but I had a friend that had been a professor that wrote me a great reference. Everything else fell into place. Well, admission to SFS will be difficult regardless of the references, but it would help.</p>