How to interpret financial aid?

<p>I received my financial aid award online, however the Heart keeps saying that my username is wrong so I can't log back on. Anyway, when it says ""financial aid which totals," is that including loans?</p>

<p>For example, mine says that I've been awarded $40,720. Will I have to borrow the remaining $11,210 plus federal loans given in the 40K? Or is the 11,210 the only amount I'll end up borrowing?</p>

<p>Thanks!!! I need to figure this out!!</p>

<p>I assume they've given you the details of the award. Look on that detail for Federal student loans. That's the amount the federal government is offering to loan you for this year (it goes up slightly in future years). Any difference between COA and the award is the amount that you and/or your family would have to come up with. I'd advise against borrowing that much; you'd be on track to be $60-70K in debt by the time you graduate.</p>

<p>I can't get to the details because I can't log in, though.</p>

<p>That we can't help you with. Call the friendly folks in Admissions.</p>

<p>My son did not get his heartnet login info for quite a while, and when he did, a comment was made that led me to infer there might have been some computer problems. Do contact admissions ASAP and they will surely help you get through, or put you on to one of the computer folk (that's what happened for my son). Good luck on it all, though I don't know the answer re the aid!</p>

<p>We seems to be having trouble accessing the financial info also. The other schools that accepted him just told us the amount he would receive in the acceptance letter.</p>

<p>Why the passwords?</p>

<p>When are the regular decisions coming out for the class of 2016?</p>