How to learn from mistakes for critical reading?

<p>So how do you do learn for your mistakes for critical reading problems? I can learn how to fix my math and writing errors (since they're objective), but "learning from your mistakes" on reading is much more subjective....I don't how to do it for reading? I'm getting around 17+/19 on SC, I'm more wondering about passage-based reading.</p>

<p>Passages just come from your whole lifes experience. The constant reading you did over your life pays off in Critical Reading. You can't "learn from your mistake", however, you can learn the concepts of how to do CR.</p>

<p>Passages come by practice, and the questions/answers are OBJECTIVE. Any answer that isn't correct is 100% wrong from what is being asked (question). All the answers are from the passage, you just have to understand how and when to use them.</p>

<p>So, when you get a problem wrong, what do you do? Just say "oh, I can do that next time?"</p>

<p>No, you have to get better in comprehension, as well as familiar with the questions. The questions are recycled every test (tone of a passage, what does a word mean in relation to the sentence, etc). The passages isn't anything you can study for, it just comes with practice. Remember, comprehension.</p>