how to log back into FAFSA? URGENT!

<p>I submitted my fafsa online to 3 colleges last week. Today is 2/15, the deadline for most of my schools so I'm tryng to log back in and send it to the rest of them.</p>

<p>But when I type in my SSN, name and birthday and pw to log in, they won't show me my forms! help?!</p>

<p>WHEN last week did you send it? </p>

<p>If at/near the end of the week...know that it might not yet be "processed" (it takes a few days to process as received, before you can access it again).</p>

<p>hey um actually, I've been messing around on the site and I used my pin to access the list of schools. If I "add school codes" does that mean the schools that I add to my list are also getting my fafsa?</p>

<p>do i need to pay more?</p>

<p>So - obviously you CAN access your FAFSA now? If so...</p>

<p>I'll bump so someone else can answer your question because I don't know how adding schools work, but...</p>

<p>FAFSA is the FREE application for Federal Student Aid. You don't pay anything for the prior schools OR the added schools.</p>

<p>I feel so stupid now, asking about paying. I must have been thinking of the CSS profile which I had to pay for. Thanks anyways :)</p>