How to make changes/notify/and edit TAG after approval?

<p>Okay so I was accepted for UCR TAG, but when I noticed that the spring schedule for my community college was released one of the class I listed (as planned) will not work out with my schedule since it is late at night and I work then. I wanted to switch it to a different class which fulfills the same requirement, so do I change it on my TAG application now? wait till I finish my fall classes and then update? or just give them (UCR Transfer/TAG) and tell them about the change in the planned course? Also when are we suppose to update out TAG application with out new fall grades??</p>

<p>Answer to all of your questions: The January Update</p>

<p>You're welcome.</p>

<p>^ Thanks Boss :)</p>

<p>You can definitely make changes! I made lots of changes in my January update and even after that (quarter system...). As long as you tell the UCs/admissions officers and don't make any changes that would affect your admission (like not taking a pre-req) everything should be fine!</p>

<p>What if you put a W in your January update? For a non-prereq course?</p>