How to make more time in the day?

<p>My schedule is school 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. then a sport till around 5:30 p.m. Then homework... until whenever. I rarely get a full night's rest. I've been exhausted all year so far, even on the seasons when i don't play a sport. I don't understand how people can do all of this, and work or volunteer on the side. Can anyone comfort me and possibly give me advice on how to better handle and juggle my time? I would like to hear about you workload and how you prioritize. Thank you!</p>

<p>Raise your hands in the air. By doing so, you will increase the moment of inertia on the earth, and will therefore slow down it's rotation and lengthen the day, giving you more time :)</p>

<p>^BEST. ANSWER. EVER. :D</p>

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<p>Write a letter to the Ministry of Magic to apply for a time-turner</p>

<p>Drink more caffeine and sleep less.</p>

<p>Why is it so appealing to stay up past our bedtimes? Because, in a way, we are creating time only at the expense of energy. If you can function on low amounts of energy, it stands to reason that you are creating time for free, out of nothing.</p>

<p>Don't procrastinate. But then again, we'll all procrastinate anyways.</p>

<p>Do some of your h.w at lunch in school, so you have more free time. Best advice I can give lol</p>

<p>Create a petition to create an extra hour each day.</p>

<p>do hw during class while teacher is teaching</p>

<p>Do homework right after each class so you don't waste time reteaching yourself.</p>

<p>haha, i tried the raising my kinda just wastes my time. thanks for the laughs!</p>

<p>My methods:
*I'm leaving to school 6.40; Instead of getting up 6.10 I get up 5.40, so it's 30minutes more
*Drive to school and from school takes 1,5h; during it I read or learn, so it's about 1h more (don't count those 30 minutes - it goes for random purposes like finding a seat, tickets and so on)
*I go home from school right after, not wandering in changing rooms and giving small talks - it's 30 minutes saved
*After returning home, don't make "a bit of rest" - it's 30 minutes saved; I go straight to do my homework and rest during eating ;)
*When it's time for sleep, I stay half and hour later with the help of coffee - 30 minutes saved</p>

<p>On the balance, it's 3 hours more! ;)</p>

<p>^ Yes, but one a major point you're missing is that OP feels eternally exhausted. OP I have a close friend who is exactly in the same position as you, doing 3 varsity sports with a huge workload. </p>

<p>What he does to cope with his eternal exhaustion is to skip school every 3-4 weeks and dedicate that day to pure, unbothered sleeping and eating and reating. This rejuvenates him for the next couple weeks or so. Also, it really helps if you talk to your coach and try to get one day off just to sleep or whatever. Good luck OP!</p>

<p>Don't procrastinate, might sound obvious...If you're doing homework from 5.30 try go to bed at like 9pm? 3 and a half hours study/night should be enough + 9 and a half hours sleep...</p>

<p>I had a situation like this earlier this school year since I was playing a sport that was 3-4 hours a day and I had a pretty big homework load.... What I learned to do was:
1. Do all homework for the week over the weekend whenever I could,
2. Figure out which teachers didn't pay attention/I wasn't getting recs from, and do homework during those periods--be careful though, this works for me because lectures don't teach me anything and self-studying after class is faster/easier....
3. Especially for math, figure out if your teacher doesn't check homework--then just bs the homework and self-study before the tests or do a quick glance-over. One of my math teachers gives full points on homework as long as you turn in something with writing on it (even if it's an english essay); likewise, figure out which classes can be minimum effort.
4. Do homework at lunch.
5. set a schedule and keep to it (eg 5:30-7 do homework, 7-8 dinner/mundane stuff, 8-11homework)
6. disconnect internet (if it's practical)
7. Whatever you're doing, focus on it until you're done and screw everything else until later.</p>

<p>How productive are you at night when completing your homework? Some people work better in the morning, so it could help you to get up an hour earlier to do schoolwork, and go to bed an hour earlier. Doing this is actually scientifically proven to increase both productivity and energy throughout the day.</p>


<p>I suck at working when I'm tired which is around 8. So I go to bed around 10 and just wake up at 4 to do my homework. However, I found out (the hard way) that its infinitely times better to study the day before and sleep to soak in all the information.</p>