how to modify UCSB application?

<p>I recently found out that when I applied for the UC application, I accidentally checked the TAG box for UCSB thinking that it was for people who wished to participate, not realizing that there was a deadline on Oct 31st for submission and the box was only for people who had submitted said TAG. That being said, I found out that you did not need to submit a UCSB TAG to be considered for the program and as long as you met the preselected criteria you were guaranteed admission. I am wondering if I should try and let them know I made this error (AND HOW/WHERE I CAN CHANGE IT) or if it does not matter since all qualified applicants are considered under their TAG.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your help!</p>

<p>I think you just answered your own question?</p>

<p>There are no forms required.
Their TAG is just the checkbox. (under the assumption you complete requirements listed on their site)</p>

<p>yeah just leave it as is</p>

<p>is it the same for ucsd? I know I fulfill the requirements for both SB and SD, and checked the boxes. However I didn't fill out or turn in any official paperwork :/ I was told by an academic advisor that this was the process, but to be honest I trust the opinions on here more than my crummy advisors LOL. Any opinions?</p>

<p>SD has no paperwork, ur fine.</p>