How to not get into harvard by harvard students...

<p>Well obviously I am not even close to the a harvard student, but can some give their thoughts on the topic posted.</p>

<p>Not being yourself. Not being passionate about anything (or worse, feigning passion). Worrying too much about getting in.</p>

<p>Well everyone worrys a little too much about getting in, whether it is Harvard or Yale. That's just human nature..</p>

<p>Well, the odds of getting in are pretty stacked against you, so if anything, you should expect to be turned down. Then, if you do get in, it's a very pleasant surprise. Win-win situation. I didn't expect to get in and didn't really worry too much about it, so receiving my acceptance letter was all the more satisfying.</p>

<p>Yeah, don't just work toward getting into Harvard. Just work towards excelling in high school and doing well at what you like to do.</p>

<p>I didn't have some crazy multi-year plan to take certain classes and do specific extracurriculars to get myself in. I just took the classes that looked interesting and challenging and had fun with my extracurricular activities, and it all worked out for the best.</p>

<p>I wish you all could tell this to the people that come on this site, and get it through thier heads.</p>

<p>While I'm not a Harvard student, I'm a Harvard alum.</p>

<p>The way not to get into Harvard is to not apply.
Another way to not get into Harvard is to apply (7% of applicants are admitted).</p>

<p>Those methods don't guarantee you'll live a miserable life, but this will:</p>

<p>The way to not get into Harvard while also guaranteeing you'll have lived a miserable life is to ignore your own interests and passions while selecting your courses, proposed major, extracurriculars, etc. based on what you think would impress Harvard instead of following your own interests and passions.</p>

<p>(I'm not a current student, I'm actually applying this fall.) You may want to get an actual Harvard student's opinion in this, but one thing I'm NOT going to do is attempt to pull an Adam Wheeler. That's one way NOT to get into Harvard.</p>

<p>Well the above poster was an harvard alum,so I am sure that is as helpful as an actual harvard student, and who is adam wheeler?</p>

<p>^A very interesting person. </p>

<p>How to not get into Harvard: Send your application in three months late, spell Harvard as Y-A-L-E every single time the word appears in your essay, get a 0 on your SAT (which I do think is an incredible feat worthy of recognition)... The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination :]</p>

<p>hahah, I love people who can show their nice personalities on the internet.^:)</p>


Well the above poster was an harvard alum,so I am sure that is as helpful as an actual harvard student, and who is adam wheeler?


I think she is helpful,too. I'm just saying to get a second opinion on what I say, because no matter how much research I've done, I'm only a prospective student. </p>

<p>Adam Wheeler is a very interesting character who would be impossible for me to explain. On the left of your screen, under "top forums," click "Ivy League" and go to the Harvard forum. If you look under the featured discussions at the top (unless the site's changed) there will be one about a Harvard student charged with fabricating his life story. If it's not there, you can always Google search him. I advise you not to do what he did. Bad idea.</p>

<p>Going along with xrCalico23, a few things not to do are insult the interviewer, do your application while drunk, etc. On a more serious side, don't take the SAT a million times, and don't do anything stupid. I know a guy who got his acceptance taken away from him (not from Harvard though) when he got a DUI conviction, and he was a soccer recruit. I don't know specifically Harvard's policy with that stuff, but be careful. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Well, my advice would be to bomb senior year and send an artistic supplement featuring the applicant smoking weed to Turn my Swag On, replete with background drunken dancing. That's a fail-proof method.</p>

<p>^Just be sure to send the artistic supplement in the form of anything but slides, since that's the required format :)</p>

<p>Calico, 0 is the new 2400. ;)</p>

<p>The lowest score possible on the SAT= 600 (200*3)</p>

<p>Well on a serious note, I have always wondered how admissions people do it. I mean you get some of the best applicants in the nation, some who have it all: the great grades, greaat essays, test scores, ECs, etc. Yet they are rejected. How? How can this decision be made? I would have to argue for days on end before I gave in.</p>

<p>Sure. That's why a 0 is incredible.</p>

<p>^^Not true.
10-20% of Harvard applicants do not have CC level stats.
They just apply for the heck of it.</p>

<p>People say, oh, I will apply to U of Pacific, but they add Harvard on their list just to see how they would do.
Besides, you can tell your grandchildren that you were rejected by Harvard.</p>

<p>But that is not that great of an accomplishment^..</p>