How to obtain a telecommute job at night while in college? (Please Help)

In the future I plan on attending a prestigious University and it seems like the only way I would be able to afford it and still have time for classes/studying is if I obtain a job that pays at least $13-hour and allows me to work in my dorm at night(so I don’t have to commute to work thus leaving me more time for studying.)

At first I was thinking on becoming a programmer but I’m starting to think programming isn’t my thing so now I’m thinking in becoming either a:

Computer Support Specialist
Customer Service Representative

My question is what should I do to increase my chances to obtain one of these jobs? I am going to Community College soon and I thought I should major in Computer Science but I realized this major is revolved around programming so now I’m thinking in majoring in Engineering Technology.

Any advise?

Don’t major in engineering technology.

Do a full engineering degree (cc and transfer) or do computer science (cc and transfer too).

As for the rest of your post… getting into a “prestigious” college is the first road block, and probably not a good idea if you’ll have to work a lot to afford it. Freshman students get the scholarships, not (typically) transfer students.

To be blunt, there aren’t many telecommuting jobs to begin with, and even less for college students, and even LESS that pay well. Even in computing.

If that all needs to come together, you should come up with another plan. Because that one is unlikely to work.

I wish you all the best :slight_smile: