How to pace yourself for reading?

<p>When i take the ACT I work backwards from Natural Science to Prose Fiction. However, I always seem to run out of time when I still have 5 or so questions left. Any tips for pacing?</p>

<p>Read faster ;)</p>

<p>Read as fast as you can. Unfortunately, the information you need to answer the questions is deeply embedded within the passages. A quick glance won't suffice, as I learned :/</p>

<p>A big thing for most of my friends was the time between passages. You have to be prepared to wipe your mind of the previous passage and just move on.</p>

<p>If you don't already, circle answers on your book then transfer all at once to answer sheet. Don't move back and forth from book to answer sheet and back; it breaks your train of thought.</p>