How to pass the time when your EXTREMELY anxious

<p>what kinda things do u guys do when u are anxious about something (test, sporting event, date, etc)
I have an event tomorrow I am not nervous for, just extremely anxious to go do. I really need to get my mind off it. </p>


<p>Step 1) Go to Netflix.
Step 2) Go to Breaking Bad/Mad Men/Arrested Development.
Step 3) Enjoy your new addiction(s).</p>

<p>Lift or Run.</p>

<p>Well getting off College Confidential would be a good first step. Just makes you more anxious for everything.</p>

<p>STUDIOUS. The fact that you're a fellow addict to those shows engenders a newfound respect that I have for you.</p>

<p>Anthony Bourdain anyone? He's my everything <3</p>

<p>And I you! Fellow awesome tv-show watchers, unite!</p>