How to pay for college?

<p>My family is basically very poor and paying for college is a very big problem right now since I have to pay OOS tuition fees. My question is, when you do student loans, do they charge you for interest? If yes, how many percent? I really hate this loaning game; they charge you so much as years go. Well we must pay the price for being OOS the first year despite the costy tuition.
Also, my father advises me to go and live in CA during June and become CA resident ASAP so the following year I can pay for in state tuition. I heard that if you intent to become a CA resident (by this I mean like being physically present in CA and mark it as your perm address for important documents), you'll become a resident in a year? Please end my confusion.</p>

<p>Current</a> Students: Criteria to Establish Residence for Tuition Purposes</p>

<p>establishing CA residency for tuition purposes</p>