How to pay for UC Irvine?

<p>Well, here's the dilemma (assuming I get accepted to Irvine), I live in San Diego, CA and I've been here my whole life. I was recently accepted to UCSD and I've been considering UCSD and a school I longed to attend, UC Irvine. However, My family is living on a single income. Besides CAL grants, which I have received, How do i lower costs and minimize costs by attending Irvine? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it cheaper?</p>

<p>There isn't really much you could cut back on. Tuition would be fixed after grants and such are calculated. You could try to skip the freshmen dorming experiencing (which I would not recommend) or maybe trying to share an off-campus apartment with more people. Also, try to avoid bringing a car to campus and instead take advantage of the bus system would cut costs for college quite a lot.</p>

<p>well you can depend on your financial aid. my financial aid basically covers the total costs to attend the schools i applied to, and the loans only amount to less than $5000, which i have 10 years after i graduate college to pay back~</p>

<p>$5000 plus interest, minus the depreciation of Cal-Grants over 4 years...
That's a lot :P
But, everyone will have that or more anyways...</p>

<p>When did you (if at all) find out about how much money you were awarded? Asking everyone, basically. I've heard zilch.</p>