How to Prep for MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Passages

"THE CRITICAL ANALYSIS and Reasoning Skills section of the Medical College Admission Test, also known as the MCAT, is perhaps the trickiest to prepare for as you seek to apply to medical school.

Unlike the three other sections of the MCAT, this section assesses your ability to interpret novel information without applying background knowledge. The CARS section consists of passages that are generally 500 to 600 words long, each accompanied by several questions. The total number of questions on the CARS portion is 53.

How you might approach the questions that follow each passage depends largely on the subject and how it fits into the two overarching categories of passages on the test, social sciences or humanities. While there is no specific content to study, there are ways to better handle the passages and questions in each category.

Here are three steps that may help you boost your performance on the CARS section of the MCAT:

  • Understand what subjects are covered in each passage category.
  • Know how to spot the differences between the two categories of passages.
  • Apply specific test-taking skills based on the kind of passage." ...