How to prepare for the ACT?

<p>I just finished taking the SAT today and felt that I did alright, but as I was leaving my friend mentioned something about the ACT. I am not as informed on the ACT as I am on the SAT (Scores, Questions, etc.). So I was wondering, is it worth taking the ACT? Because the sign up for June's ACT is rapidly approaching and if I do take it, what do they test and what should I do to prepare in such a short amount of time. Also, to aid you in answering this question, I am taking Pre-Calc currently and have a 95 average, I have taken Bio, Physical Sci, and Chem, and I am also an AP Language and Comp student but grammar and I don't mix lol. Thanks for all of your help, and if you need to know more to give the best response, just message my account. Again, thank you!</p>