How to prepare for Western Civilization I CLEP?

Hi, I just took the AP World Exam and have a CLEP scheduled this week for Western Civilization I. I know that Western Civ covers less time, will I be prepared for this CLEP due to my studies in AP World, which is a more trend based class? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just saw this. How did you do on your CLEP? Did the AP prepare you for the CLEP? I am curious as to why you decided to do both. They don’t apply to different requirements at your college/university, do they?

@DoubleReedMom Just saw your post, sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I passed the CLEP barely with a 52, but I’ll still get college credit at all the colleges and universities I’ve checked. I’m just a high school freshman going into sophomore year next year. I really just wanted to give myself some insurance and get 3 college credit hours just in case something went horrifically wrong on the AP World Exam. If I could do the process over again, I would. The CLEP is a LOT more detailed than the WHAP exam, and for a lot of questions I was just making my most educated guess. So, I guess AP technically did prepare me, but I would get a CLEP study book, not an AP study book specifically for the CLEP since it is so much more detailed than the AP exam and pass by more than two points.