How to prepare

Hi, I’m a junior in high school and have recently come upon a couple of full-tuition scholarships I’m interested in applying to but wondering what to do to make my application for them stand out.

I also plan on applying to top schools such as Usc, Georgetown, Chapman, American, Pomona, etc

Scholarships: Gates Scholarship, Jack And Kent Cooke foundation, Bryan Cameron, Coco-Cola, and a few more I can’t remember off the top of my head.

My stats: I got a “C” in Honors Physics the first semester of my freshman year but brought it up to a “B” by the end of the second smstr.
In my tenth grade year I got a “D” in my hnrs Algebra class first semester but that summer I retook the first semester and got a “C”. And the second semester I brought the “D” to a “B”.
Besides those two instances, my grades have been high A’s and B’s.
I’m an honor roll student.
I plan to graduate with more than 213 community service hrs.
And a cumulative of a 3.95 GPA (if all goes well)
I tutor a sixth-grader once a week, run a political journal out of my school that reaches my community, I am also the Editor and Cheif of my Literary Mag, A continuous debate champion, and Forensics (Public Speaking).
For personal growth: I host a podcast that speaks on my personal issues as a teen.
I am an award-winning short story author and am self-publishing a poem book guided to social change.

I know that my grades in my first two years of hs will be a big negative factor on these types of scholarships and schools seeing as they want students who have been at the top of their classes since the 9th-grade year.

But I believe that it can’t hurt for me to apply, however, I was wondering what I can do to make myself stand out a bit more, and what I can do to make up for my past grades with these scholarships and schools?