How to proceed with SAT 2 world history preparation?

<p>ok, so i have this barrons sat 2 world history prep book and i was just wondering if any of you could explain how to proceed my preparation? i have completed 5 chapters as of yet and my approach till now has been simply to mug up entire there any easier or more effective way that'll ensure greater retention and better performance on test day?</p>

<p>thanks in advance! :)</p>

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<p>well, personally I've found it helpful to read one chapter each day so as to focus on one subject and retain it for test day. Since there are 33 chapters and theres about a month left for the test, this should be a good, evened out practice. Also take their practice tests once every saturday or so until the test date. The diagnostic test seemed easy for me. And remember, you can still miss a bunch of them and get 700s</p>