How to raise an english score of 22 to a 33?

<p>I have a 22 on the english and i cant raise it. I study the rules but i cannot apply them when the passages are stories and not just sentences or else itll waste to mcuh time to stop and say ok which rule, so i rely on sense of hearing which always fail for me.</p>

<p>First thing that'll help is picking the shortest most concise answer, look out for redundancy.</p>

<p>Practice Practice Practice. Rules and shortcuts aren't a good replacement for some cold hard practice. Do English sections and read over the answer explanations to figure out where you went wrong.</p>

<p>This Cliff Notes book was amazing. Relatively short, covers a wide array of basic English on the test. Skim through it the weekend before the test and I guarantee results. Raised for a 28 to a 34 after a 15 minute skim. It's a great book.</p>

<p></a> Writing: Grammar, Usage, and Style (Cliffs Quick Review) (9780764563935): Jean Eggenschwiler, Emily Dotson Biggs: Books</p>

<p>PR's english section was good. I'm pretty sure it covers everything. That + practice</p>

<p>my english started at 24. i just used the red book, then used the princeton review 6 tests and keep doing em. Focus each time! Or else you won't be doing your best.
This happened to me, my score went from 24, 25, 27, 27, 28, then i got 25 since i didn't think.
do each test, then judge whether the mistake was a stupid mistake or a hard question, then keep on practising. Before, long, your stupid mistakes will be less and less, then buy the ACT 36 barron book.</p>